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Facebook - The Career Killer

From the American Police Beat

No matter how often you tell people that there is no such thing as privacy on the Internet, some people refuse to believe that their Facebook account is not actually “secure” from the prying eyes of bosses, marketers, and almost everyone else. The belief in the myth of cyber-privacy recently cost a cop in Sandy Springs, Georgia his job. Now former Sgt. O.J. Concepcion says he wants his job back after he was fired, allegedly for comments he posted on his Facebook page.

Concepcion says he was fired for posting an “anti-back-stabbing cartoon” that somehow wound up in the wrong officer’s mailbox.

“My Facebook is set on private and the public cannot read it,” Concepcion told reporters with WSBTV News. When Channel 2 Action News reporter Mark Winne asked how many friends can view his Facebook profile, Concepcion ball-parked the number at around 300 “friends.”

The former sergeant admitted to posting a “status update” that said the following: “Orlando J Concepcion is: working with the FBI this week... I smell a million-dollar drug seizure coming our way soon.”

When reporters asked if he believed such a post might endanger other law enforcement personnel, Concepcion said he didn’t think that was likely and he was just so excited to be working with the feds he wanted to let everyone know.

“I just love what I do. I was so excited just being a part of the FBI task force.”

The terminated officer also acknowledged another Facebook posting another day suggesting authorities would be raiding an area between two specific streets. When reporters asked again if he believed he was endangering anyone by posting sensitive law enforcement information on Facebook, he again said no.

“I want his job back, I want his name cleared, and I don’t want officers to go through this,” said Mike Puglise, Concepcion’s lawyer.

Concepcion said he is being singled out and plans to file a complaint to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and possibly a lawsuit.


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