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AUG 23, 2008
Media Contact: Angie Wijesinghe
404.522.8600 ext. 226

Evidence Photographers International Council launches professional certification program

ATLANTA – The Evidence Photographers International Council (EPIC) has just launched the Evidence Photographer Certification (EPC).  After nearly a year of research with a team of seventeen leading experts in the evidence photography industry (including FBI, the secret service, educators and crime scene specialists) and the backing of the Photographic Certification Commission the Evidence Photographer Certification aims to set the industry guidelines and standards—needed in this ever-changing industry.

EPIC’s association manger, Claire Werner said, “This new certification is not just a piece of paper, it will become a part of your reputation, increasing others’ trust in your abilities.”

This Evidence Photography Certification is unique for evidence photographers. Every test answer is fully referenced to at least one readily available textbook regarding forensic or general photography.  This valuable material is presented to participants through hands-on education.  Test specifications for the exam are broken down into three sections or modules.   Each module is presented to participants by a well respected evidence photography professional over the course of a day and a half.  In other words after six days students are able to walk away with the essential qualities needed in a professional evidence photographer, especially those involved with crime scenes.

Once the testing is complete participants move on to the final potion of the certification process, image submission.  Participants will be required to submit a series of specific images with specific set up and equipment requirements. 

After passing both sections participants are given a certificate, credential card along with notification to their supervisor on their accomplishment.  “I believe it will be inevitable that all evidence photographers be certified.   The Evidence Photographer Certification is striving to set the standard in this industry," stated “Ted” Robinson, Professor of Forensic Sciences at George Washington University Ted is also the author of Crime Scene Photography, and a member of the Evidence Photographer Certification Committee.

EPIC merged under the Alliance of Visual Artists (AVA) in May 2007.  AVA has been educating photographers for over 128 years through the Professional Photographers of America (PPA). 

About EPIC
EPIC was founded in 1968 as a non-profit educational and scientific organization with the primary purpose of advancing forensic photography and videography in civil evidence and law enforcement. In 1968, EPIC also began to host an annual conference, providing awareness and education of evidence photography. Their seminars and workshops are now held internationally and throughout the U.S. For more information, please visit www.evidencephotographers.com, or call 866-868-EPIC (3742).

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