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New Evidence Photography Certification a Huge Success

ATLANTA - Newly Certified Evidence Photographers left Phoenix early this year, recipients of the inaugural Evidence Photographer Certification held at EPIC School, the educational convention of the Evidence Photographers International Council (EPIC).

"It's the best training I have ever had in my career," says Chris Cardin, Fire Marshal for the San Juan County Fire Department. "I will shoot rime scenes in a completely different way, due to this education."

First offered January 8-13, 2009, the EPC was a strenuous combination of education, testing, and image taking. Sgt. Scott DeBroux, an expert with many titles including Forensic Photographer, Crime Scene Investigator, and Criminal Justice Instructor, led this six-day brain marathon with great results. With the resources and education provide, this certification exam had a 94 percent pass rate!

Cardin was not alone in his praise of EPIC's Evidence Photographer Certification (EPC). But what else could be expected of a program drawn up after nearly a year of research with a team of leading experts in the industry (including the FBI, the secret service, educators and crime scene specialists) and the backing of the Photographic Certification Commission?

As Naomi Roberts, an attendee and Arson/Crime Scene Investigator for the Bloomfield Fire Department says, "This [certification] is a whole new beginning for me." Evidence photographers' next chance at this new beginning happens July 18-23 in Atlanta.

The Evidence Photographers International Council (EPIC) was founded in 1968 as a non-profit educational and scientific organization with the primary purpose of advancing forensic photography in civil evidence and law enforcement. EPIC merged under the Alliance of Visual Artists (AVA) in May 2007. AVA has been educating photographers for over 128 years through the Professional Photographers of America (www.ppa.com). For more information, please visit www.EvidencePhotographers.com, or call 866-868-EPIC (3742).

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