5h6t7jy8ugyftThe Nissan Navara NP300 is the latest brand in the Nissan production series. Even though Nissan has not produced any other type of vehicle since 2014, we can appreciate that it was worth waiting. The new Navara is available both with four-wheel drive capability and those that only have rear wheel drive. One of the most outstanding features of the Nissan Navara NP300 is that it has a great balance between the strength that it can give while consuming low fuel. It also has a comfortable cabin

So what sets the Navara apart from this other models?

The Navara has proved to be the best vehicle in the market today due to its standout features when you compare it with some of its peers. Let us look at some of these features:

Good safety systems

Chief among the standout features is the excellent safety system that provides electronic stability which offers top of the range electronic traction control. This is very important as it offers the much-needed control when one is driving in a slick terrain as the car skids a lot. The other safety feature that it has includes the safety air bags. The airbags are seven in number: the side airbags in the front, two in front of the front passengers, and the curtain airbags that are in front and the rare. All this is aimed at assuring the safety of its occupants.

One needs not to worry about visibility when driving a Navara, as it is enhanced with the daytime running headlight during cloudy or overcast days. Additionally, its headlights activate automatically as it gets dark.

Improved technological features

Some of the latest technological features that are contained in the Nissan Navara NP300 is the button operated cruise control, this is found on the steering wheel, audio streaming and a Bluetooth enabled phone connectivity. Some of the other trimmings that are available here include a CD-audio unit, iPod ports, and USB ports.

Provides additional accessories

Those that are exclusively available with a petrol engine have a 15-inch steel wheel rims and their flooring is covered with vinyl. If you are willing to spend a little bit more, then you will surely get a Navara that has got an alarm system, a rear window demister, remote central locking and tinted windows both in the rare and on the sides.

Offers room for upgrading

The Navara NP300 can be upgraded so that it can support a diesel powered, twin turbo engine. This is meant to ensure that it has strong output hence improved performance. Additionally, one can forego the burly steel rims and the vinyl flooring as this package can include another 5 inches.

Has multi-function dashboard

The Navara NP300 offers a multi-function dashboard that includes the reversible camera and the coveted smartphone synthesis technology.


As opposed to its predecessors in the Nissan brand, the cabins in the NP300 Navara have been upgraded to levels that are more comfortable and satisfactory. It has a sunroof available which gives the cabin an experience of opulence. Its seats are cushioned thus are cozier when compared to those found in commercial vehicles.

From the above, we can truly see that the NP300 Nissan Navara can give one value for money.